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Club History

Left to right: Robert H. Amsler, DO (09), Timothy P. LaRiviere(08), Gregory I. Thomas(05), Charles M. Bayer, Jr. (04), J. Theodore Everingham (03), Daniel J. Aitken (01), William E. Zemmin (99), Peter R. Griffin (96), Brian Geraghty (94), William P. Thorpe IV(93), Philip D. O’Niel III (91), Charles M. Bayer (64), Norman J. Werthmann (67), John Pappas (78), Ralph M. Burton (81), Robert J. Niederoest (86), John S. Barbour (89), Philip D. O’Niel, Jr. (97)


Floyd Nixon’s canoe and Perc Williamson’s small power launch were all it took for a small yacht club to start taking shape.  These young men bonded by their love of the sea, began in a three story tin boathouse on Motor Boat Lane in 1915.  Now with over 1,000 Members, many world-renowned racers, and leaders in the USYRU, a 5,000 square foot Clubhouse on the Detroit River is home to “the Shrine of Nautical Culture” that we know as Bayview Yacht Club.

The success of BYC has not come automatically but rather through the hard work of its visionary members, Commodores and employees who have guided Bayview with the principles on which this club was founded:

·         To the development of sailors
·         To preserve the finest traditions of the sea
·         To the continuance of that finer class of sportsmanship which seems born largely of the sea and

·         To the development of sailing vessels which will add fresh glory to the most daring and romantic

          of all sports


These are the aims of Bayview Yacht Club.



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