Society of Mackinac Island Old Goats



By Ray Adams
Bayview Mackinac Old Goats Chairman

The Old Goats are going to have a group photo taken on Mackinac Island after the Bell's Beer Mackinac Race this year at the awards party on the Grand Hotel grounds.  The photograph will be taken before the race flags are awarded.  Look for the large Old Goat banner somewhere near the bandstand.  We will gather near the banner.  Listen for the announcement from the stage about when it will be taken.  Be there to mark the occasion - you don't have to race the race to be included in the photograph - just be there to help us celebrate.

The Society of Mackinac Island Goats, Bayview Yacht Club Detroit Chapter is looking for all members to check in and make sure your mailing address, phone numbers, and email are correct. We are trying to update and correct any errors in our master list.  We want to be able to better inform Old Goat Members of upcoming events. With over 500 members, it is more of a challenge to pass on information so we are asking your help.
An Old Goat is someone who has completed 25 or more BYC Port Huron to Mackinac Races.  There are now 17 sailors who have completed 50 or more Bayview Mackinac Races who are called Grand Rams. There are presently 41 Double Old Goats.  These sailors have completed 25 Bayview and Chicago Mackinac Races.  If your status has changed in any of these categories, please let us know.

If you or someone you know has had a change in personal information or would like an application for membership, please contact the Bayview Office at 313-822-1853 or on line at: 

Membership in the Bayview Yacht Club Society of Mackinac Island Old Goats is attained by the submission of a
membership application which is available on Bayview’s website. A listing of the completed races is required.

For additional information or to order an Old Goat blazer patch, Bayview Old Goat logo clothing, or other Old Goat merchandise please contact the Bayview office 313.822.1853 or email




An Old Goat is a sailor who has sailed twenty five or more Bayview Port Huron to Mackinac Races. Racing sailors count their Mackinac Races like some people count birthdays and anniversaries. Ask any real sailor how many Mackinac Races they have completed, an immediate an accurate response will be forthcoming. Competing in and finishing 25 races to Mackinac Island is a significant accomplishment and Old Goats are honored to be listed among other sailors that have attained this status.

Since the first Mackinac Race in 1925, Bayview Yacht Club has hosted this spectacular annual fresh water event which has attracted intrepid sailors from around the globe. The first fleet of only nine boats were battered by strong winds and only three finished. Today we host more than two hundred fifty racing yachts for the annual trek from Port Huron to Mackinac Island. Whether sailing the traditional Shore Course or the longer Cove Island or South Hampton Course, it is an exciting and challenging adventure and sailors must face every conceivable type of challenge mother nature can present. From big waves and high wind to black flies and intolerable heat, the sailors press on to finish yet another Mackinac Race.

The SOCIETY OF MACKINAC ISLAND OLD GOATS was formed in the 1950's by Bayview sailors who by then had completed twenty five races. Names like Bobbie Roadstrum, George E. Van, Commodores Bill Nagel, Stan Puddiford and Trent McMath, Ted Coggin and Bobbie Bryant had all sailed Mackinac Races in the 1920's and were inspired when the Chicago Yacht Club created its prestigious Island Goat Sailing Society. The Chicago Race was first sailed in 1889, but had a short hiatus during the war years. Bayview’s race, has run continuously pursuant to a letter from the Office of the President of the United States during WW II approving and encouraging the continuation of the event, notwithstanding the world conflict. The term “Goat” is of unknown origin, although it has been suggested that a sailor arriving on Mackinac Island after several days at sea might carry the aroma of an old goat.

In 1998 Bayview Yacht Club Society of Mackinac Island Old Goats created a new classification marking an important milestone attained by only a few Bayview Mackinac Race sailors. The society recognizes, with special honors, sailors who have completed FIFTY OR MORE Port Huron to Mackinac Races. This honor and designation makes such sailors GRAND RAMS. Since the yacht BERNIDA first crossed the finish line on the Straits in Mackinac on July 25, 1925 more than five hundred sailors have become Old Goats, but as of 2015 only seventeen intrepid soles have sailed 50 Mackinac Races and they are as follows:

The Society Of Mackinac Island Grand Rams

The Society of Mackinac Island Grand Rams was founded to honor those distinguished sailors who have completed 50 Bayview Mackinac Races.  New Grand Rams are honored each year at the Old Goats Cocktail Party and the Bayview Mackinac Awards Ceremony.  

Roadstrum, Bobby,* 1925
Van, George E. Sr., *  1929
Leone, Gerry,*1942
Hohn, Bill W., 1945
Bayer, Com Charles M.,* 1947
Hendrie, George, 1947
Rasmussen, Ken, 1948
Nedeau, John Sr.,* 1950
Kreger, Fred, 1952
Smith, Lee, 1952
Grow, Com Rick, 1957
Pappas, Com. John, 1958
Tipp, John W, 1963
Balcirak, Com Dean R., 1964
Marsh, Richard A., 1964
Bunn, Robert C., 1965
Andersen, Thomas E., 1966
Bunn, Ned, 1964
Declercq, Al, 1966
Hollerbach, Marc, 1964
Mistele, Henry, 1965

Having completed fifty or more Mackinac Races requires more than one hundred twenty days on the water and some fourteen thousand miles of sailing. They have likely endured more then one hundred thunder storms and suffered through five hundred or more watch changes.

Double Goat Honor Roll

In 2004, in cooperation with the Chicago Yacht Club, those tenacious sailors that have completed twenty five or more of BOTH the Bayview Port Huron to Mackinac Race and the Chicago Yacht Club Mackinac Race have been honored as DOUBLE OLD GOATS.

These distinguished sailors have become members of both the Island Goats Sailing Society under the auspicious of the Chicago Yacht Club and the Bayview Yacht Club Society of Mackinac Island Old Goats. The list of honorees of earning DOUBLE GOAT status is as follows:

William S. Alcott
Thomas E. Anderson
Stuart W. Argo, Jr.
John D. Boyle* 
Lawrence R. Brink*
Richard J. Corbett
Alex J. Declercq
Michael J. Feldman
Alvin D. Fick Jr.
George S. Hendrie Jr.    
Marc R. Hollerbach 
Richard Jennings*
Mark G. Jurcak
Fred W. Kreger

Perry Lewis
Louis H. Lindeman
E. Earl Lyden
William C. Martin
 Gene T. McCarthy
Andy McCormack
George B. McCroskey Jr.
Michael A. McDonald    
Thomas R. Meier 
Eugene Mondry*
Nils L. Muench*
John L. Nedeau Sr.*
Samuel P. Nadeau
Robert K. Nutter

Andrew S. OGawa
J. Stuart Pettitt

Mark W. Pinney Sr.
Peter W. Reichelsdorfer
Thomas C. Ritter
Ronald J. Sherry
Paul G. Snow
John E. Stanley
Ted S. Szalkowski
George Uznis
George E. Van*
Daniel Van Dyke
William R. Wagner
Robert J. Wiesen


The Society of Mackinac Island Old Goats

The Society of Mackinac Island Old Goats was founded to honor those distinguished sailors who have completed 25 Bayview Mackinac Races.  New Old Goats are honored each year at the Old Goats Cocktail Party and the Bayview Mackinac Awards Ceremony.

Updated: 10/14/2016

Abbott, Kenneth 1976 Hayward, Commodore Chip 1971 Prophit, Tim 1983
Adams, Raymond S. 1976 Heglin, Richard T. (Dick) 1959 Puddiford, Com. Stan* 1926
Adams, Winifred A. 1981 Hellenbart, Andrew 1975 Purcell, Miles 1983
Aitken, Com. Dan 1976 Henderson, Jeff 1977 Quincy, Kenneth T. 1983
Alcott, Bill 1972 Henderson, William H. 1971  Ranks, Richard 1979
Amsler, DO, Com. Robert 1979 Hendrie, George 1947 Rasmussen, Kenneth 1948
Anderson, Thomas 1966 Hendrie, Jack* 1948
Redmann, Judy 1981
Anderson, Jerry 1980 Hendrie, Michael V. 1968 Reese, E. James 1983
Argo, Com. Stu* 1955
Henk, Michael J 1986 Reichelsdorfer, Peter W. 1951
Argo Jr., Stuart 1977
Henry, Joseph* 1958 Reichelsdorfer, Richard 1985
Arnesen, Fred 1965
Henry, William 1963
Reid, Jim* 1946
  Hines, Gerry 1985 Reidsma, Jay 1983

Hinsby, Floyd* 1952 Reinheimer, Herbert 1965
Backoff, Richard 1969
Hohn, Bill 1945 Replogle, David S. 1965
Baetz, Kenneth A. 1982
Hohn, Kurt 1981 Reynolds, Syd* 1947
Baidas, Robert 1986 Hoffman, Douglas L. 1984 Richards, Paul 1978
Bailey, Robert 1972
Hollerbach, Marc 1964 Richards, Ralph 1970
Baker, James E. 1982
Hollerbach, N. H. "Holly"* 1945
Riley, Todd 1983
Balcirak, Com. Dean 1964 Holley, Dan E. 1988 Ritchie, Mark Albert 1983
Balcirak, David 1977 Holme, J. David 1977 Ritter, Thomas C. 1985
Barber, Lynn Howard 1980
Holmes, Gary 1984 Roadstrum, Robert* 1925
Barbour, Sloane 1965 Holstein, Donald 1977 Robbins, John D. 1978
Barbour, Sloane 1965
Hopp Jr., John* 1954 Robbins, Daniel M. 1969
Barbour, Com. John* 1965
Howitt, John C. 1985  Robinson, Donnell L. 1973
Barker, John 1975
Hubbell, Peter 1975 Robinson, Robbie* 1947
Bauermeister, David L. 1981
Hudnut, James * 1965 Roehrs, Timothy 1987
Bayer, John 1975 Hudnut, Jr., James H. 1967 Rose, A. Duane 1979
Bayer, Com. Charles* 1947
Huebner, Ted 1974 Rossio, Ronald J. 1984
Bayer, Com. Charles 1967
Hughes, Shawn 1982
Rossio, Richard C. 1985
Bayer, Edwin 1967
Hulsey, Paul 1982 Ruhland, Patrick. J. 1980
Bayer, Ed* 1955
Huneke, Richard 1981 Rummel, John 1945
Bayer, Jr., Com. Charles 1967
Hunter, Dave* 1951 Rumon, Richard A. 1978
Becker, Peter 1976
Hura, Douglas "Doug" 1960 Rupp, Maynard 1977
Beebe, Ed* 1955 Hutton, Robert J. 1989 Russie, Laurie 1983
Beeler, Steven G. 1989
Irland, Peter L. 1970
Benedict, Christopher 1987
Jacobs, Jeffrey A. 1983 Sackett, Jim 1974
Benkert, Com. Lloyd* 1936
Jacobs, Clare* 1937 Sampson, Jeffrey J. 1986
Bennett, Jim 1985
Jacoby, Edmund G. 1970 Saph, Val 1973
Bernard, Jack L. 1960
Jacoby Sr., Edmond G. 1957 Savage, Matt 1976
Bertelson, Gene 1963
Jamieson, John 1981
Sbach, Elmer "Sonny" 1972
Best Jr., Jim 1974
Jay, Stephen R. 1968
Schappe, Dr. R. Scott 1977
Bianco, John J. 1967
Jeffery, Lynn F. 1987
Schappe, Robert H. 1977
Bihlmeyer, Carl 1980
Jeffrey, Lynn F. 1987
Schappe, Stephen P. 1981
Birdsall, Richard 1972
Jennings, Dick 1973*
Schiller, James A. 1980
Blanchard, John 1969
Jennings, DDS, William "Bill" 1967
Schmidt, Russell A. 1976
Blackmer, Fred 1990
Jerome, Leonard* 1925
Scholfield, Charles E. (Win) 1983
Blunt, John* 1942
Johns, James 1951
Schostak, Jerome* 1964
Bolla, David 1977
Johnson, Dr. Arthur* 1964
Schram, Ken 1980
Boyd, Mark H. 1975
Johnston Jr., Donald A.* 1946
Schroeder, Jr., Gerald* 1971
Boyle, John D.* 1943
Jones, H. Burton* 1965 Schuch, John 1962
Bradley, Steven 1985
Jones, Warren* 1950
Schudel, Com. Jim* 1956
Brand, George* 1960
Juby III, Charles W. 1986
Schultes, John 1974
Bratton, Com. Hanson 1990
Jurcak, Mark 1983
Schultes, Michael 1969
Breadon, Don* 1925

Schultz, Al* 1947
Breck, Douglas* 1962
Kalitte, Douglas* 1966
Schwall, Lynn A. 1980
Bremer, Steven 1967
Kazerski, Ken 1976
Schwandt, Kent T. 1974
Bremer, Com. Bill* 1954
Keefer, Richard 1967 Scott, Michael G. 1975
Bremer, Joel* 1961
Keller, James 1973
Seckett, James W. 1954
Bresser, William 1982
Kelly, Dennis 1974
Sellers, Bob 1956
Bresser, Jerry 1982
Kemp, Jim* 1939
Semmler, Randy W. 1969
Bresser, Patrick 1983
Kern II, Frank 1971
Shalagowski, Randy A. 1982
Bridge, Rick* 1965
Kern III, Frank 1971
Shaw, Mr. James F. 1973
Brink, Lawrence R.* 1971
Kerns, Jim 1965
Shefferly, Jon B. 1981
Brown, Kenneth D. 1979
Kerwin, Frank J.* 1964
Shelagowski, Randy A. 1982
Brune, Al 1981
Keydel, Eric 1968
Sheppard, John 1974
Bryant, Bob* 1927
Keydel, Conrad 1962
Sheppard, Steven 1977
Bulin, Jim* 1980
Keydel, Kurt Com.* 1952
Sheridon, Richard 1946
Bunn, Ned 1964
Keys, Howard 1963
Sheridon, Sherry 1946
Bunn, Robert C. 1966
Kimmel, Com. Andrew* 1964
Sherman, David B. 1981
Bunn, Robert D. 1991
Kinney, James G. 1991
Sherry, Ron 1979
Burkard, Com. John 1946
Kirkman, Michael E. 1988
Shinske, F. James 1968
Burkard, Henry* 1943 Kirkman, Robert R. 1984
Shorey, Fred* 1964
Burke, John 1976
Kirkman, Robert E.* 1983
Shumaker, John B. 1974
Burke, Marvin* 1970
Kirkman, Trish M. 1992
Shumaker, Tom* 1965
Burleson, Tom 1974
Kleinhardt, Thomas A. 1981
Sickels, Quent 1950
Burt, R. William 1969 Koller, Richard P. 1958
Sidenstecker, Bill 1970
Burt, James (Jamie) R. 
Kolter, Harald 1995
Siudara, Leonard 1976
Burt, James (Jamie) R. 
Kommel, Eric* 1967
Sloss, Com. Dave* 1932
Burt, Bud* 1934
Konczalski, Ronald L. 1966
Smith, Don* 1962
Busch, William 1972
Konechne, John L. 1987
Smith, Dr. Ian 1962
Buse, Philip 1964
Kopp, Thomas C. 1990
Smith, Jeffrey R. 1972
Butler, James E.* 1970
Kostoff, James 1972
Smith, Larry V. 1985
Butler, Michael 1976
Kountz, John 1938
Smith, Lee 1952
Butlin, James H. 1971
Kraft, Dr. James E. 1981
Smith, Patrick* 1962
Byng, John B. 1989
Kraft, James F. 1978
Smith, Robert H. 1979

Kraft, Dr. Paul C. 1981
Smith, Wick 1971
Cady, Donald 1977
Kreger, Fred 1952
Smotherman, Lance S. 1985
Carlson, Doug 1982 Krembel, W. B. 1955
Smyth, Ed* 1976
Carlson, Richard 1982
Krembel, Frank* 1955 Snider, Don* 1954
Carnaghi, J.P. 1972
Kuhn, Dean J. 1982
Snow, Paul G. 1975
Carollo, Joseph* 1965
Kunick, Frank A. 1955
Snyder, George* 1926
Carr, Michael 1977
Kuschnerus, Hans 1963
Somes, Jon M. 1969
Carrico, David J. 1982

Somes, Fred* 1952
Carrier, Eric 1987
La Riviere, Com. Timothy 1987
Soutar, Larry 1972
Carrier, Mark G. 1986
LaBute, Timothy W. 1984
Sparagowski, Gary* 1977
Carruthers, Clark E. 1976
Lady, Paul 1978
Spearin, Rod J. 1975
Carter, Clem* 1937
Lang, Donald 1978
Srigley, Tom R. 1968
Cazabon, Michael 1973
Lang, Brian R. 1978
Stabile, Sal 1985
Chapman, Alee* 1955
Larivee, Terry 1982
Stanley, John E. 1985
Chrzanowski, Edward C. 1982
Lattie, David L. 1976
Stapleton, Barbara J. 1990
Clark, Chris 1978 Lattie Jr., Lyndon J. 1980
Stapleton, Jim 1985
Clemons, Com. Tom 1973 Lawrence, Mike 1957

Stephens, Greg 1985

Clemons, Scott 1977 Lay, Timothy S. 1985

Stetson, Bill 1959

Cliff, Frank 1956 Lazarz, Sherman F. 1979

Stieber, Jr., Donald A. "Chip" 1976

Clixby, Gerald 1969 Leinweber, Roy* 1951

Stocker, Terry 1969

Clogg, Dick* 1954 Leone, Gerry* 1942

Stodgell, Chic* 1927

Coates, Richard K. 1982 LeVasseur, Arthur 1982

Stofflett, John 1975

Coggin, Ted* 1929 Lewand, Kevin M. 1985
Stormes, Ben 1971
Conger, Phillip 1971 Lewis, Perry 1972
Stormes, Chuck 1979
Conger, Dale 1971 Libcke, J. Robert 1976
Streit, Gerald 1963
Connolly, Andrew 1977 Lietaert, Patrick 1976
Stridiron, William 1983
Connolly, Tyson 1991 Light, Sheldon N 1986 Stromberg, John S. 1985
Cooley, James L.* 1986 Lindeman, Lou (Bud) 1979
Stuart, Bob 1968
Coolman, Jr., Thomas 1965 Lootens, Richard 1964
Sundman, Bruce C. 1976
Cooper, Steve 1966 Listwan, Richard A. 1982
Swart, Clark* 1934
Cooper III, Winfield L. 1986 Lowry, T.K.* 1966
Synowiec, Richard 1978
Cope, Darrell A. 1979 Luksik, Roger M. 1983 Synowiec, Dan R. 1989
Corbett, Rich 1979
Lundy, Curtis 1972
Szalkowski, Ted 1973
Corneliussen, Paul A. 1980
Lybarger, Carol L. 1986

Cost, Nick 1975
Lyden, Earl 1972
Tapert, Com. Mike* 1947
Cotter, Dennis B. 1977
Lynch, Com. William J. 1971
Taylor, Norbert* 1941
Craig, Mark E. 1987
Lyon, George* 1964
Tenkel, Frank 1969
Crawford, Gloria K. 1983
Lyons, Edward 1966
Tenkel, Scott E. 1986
Culliton, Dennis 1973
Lyons, Frank 1972
Tepel, Steven P. 1980
Cyrul, Gregory A. 1972

Thoma, Richard 1977

MacDonald, Jay R. 1989
Thomas, Gregory I 1971
Daoust, James R. 1961 Macklem, Avery* 1939 Thomas, L. Murray* 1971
Darbee, William H. 1972 MacLaren, David P. 1971 Thomas, Al* 1939
Davenport, Bruce 1947 Maier, Jeff 1974 Thompson, Mark A. 1969
Davey, Doug 1978 Maier, Robert* 1956 Thompson, Com. Michael A. 1958
Dawson, Peter W.* 1983
Mainwaring, Herb* 1960 Thompson, Sandra K. 1961
Dawson, Thomas L. 1976 Maiorano, Jerry 1975 Thompson, Stu C. 1986
Day, Tom 1979
Marsh, Richard A. 1964
Thompson, Kevin 1973
Decker, Mr. Dale 1976
Marsh, Marv* 1952 Thoreson, Robert E.* 1963
Declercq, Alex 1966
Marshall, Dale 1972
Thorpe, Com. William* 1971
Declercq, Maury* 1949
Martin, Sally 1976
Tipp, John 1963
Deeds, Jay*
Martin, Bill 1965
Tompkins, Charles 1964
DeLano, Michael C. 1985
Mattingly, David 1975
Tompkins, John 1969
Dent, Stanton 1992
Mayer, John 1954
Toti, Edward* 1953
DeShelter, R. Scott 1986
McCarthy, Gene T. 1959
Trost, John* 1944
Detwiler, Fred 1970
McCormack, Andy 1958
Trost IV, John 1972
DeWitt, David A. 1988
McCoy, Bill 1963
Trull, Dick 1949
Dewyse, John P. 1972
McCrindle, Mark E. 1980
Tulupman, Ted 1981
Dittus, Ian 1981
McCroskey, Jr., George B. 1964
Turek, Tom J. 1969
Dittus, Richard H.* 1981
McDonald, Michael 1976
Turner, Keith* 1963
Donaldson, Lawrence 1974
McGraw, Com. Bill* 1963
Uznis, George M. 1964
Donovan, James G. 1983 McMath, Com. Trent* 1928

Dooley, Michael J. 1986
McSkimming, Drew 1986
Vallad, John 1951
Dorian, Gretchen 1967 McVeety, Mr. John A. 1978
Van, George* 1929
Drake, Joe* 1953
Meach, Jerry* 1981
Van Antwerp, Christopher J. 1986
Drescher, Gerhard, J. A. 1989 Meagher, Dennis 1989 Van Dyke, Daniel B. 1978
Drummond, Patrick M. 1991
Meier, Thomas 1970
Van Tol, Paul R. 1976
Duarte, David D. 1979 Mihalich, Dr. Steve 1946 VandeVusse, Bruce 1986
DuBay, Phillip D. 1987 Miller, Candice 1970
Vermet, Edward 1980
Dudek, Ralph* 1963
Miller, Mark 1984 Vigrass, H. Thomas 1972
Duker, Robert 1976
Miller, Com. John* 1933
Vigrass, Terry 1974
DuMouchelle, Ernest 1963
Miller, Sr., Com. Bill 1933
Vogel, Roger 1972
DuMouchelle, Elizabeth 1974
Mistele, Henry 1965
Vogler, James M. 1987
Dundas, James 1981
Moak, Sr. Robert E. 1977

Dunn, Gregory 1972
Moeller, Andrew M. 1987

Moll, Doug 1977
Wagner, William R.* 1973
  Morison, Ayers* 1966 Wake, Dr. Douglas* 1960
E. Holley, Dan 1988 Morison, Ayers, Jr. 1966
Wake, Maggie* 1960
Ecclestone, Llwyd 1953 Morlan, Gordon E. 1981
Waldrup, Dean 1985
Elledge, Michael 1981
Morlan, Christopher 1982
Wall, Robert 1968
Elliot, Michael J. 1985 Morphew, James P. 1986 Walsh, Jr., Clune 1950
Elmer, Charlie F. 1981 Morrison, Kenneth W. 1973
Ware, John 1962
Ely, Ed 1971 Mosher, William A. 1978
Warner, Gary 1967
Eno, Charles* 1968
Motschall, Jim 1983
Warrick, Com. W.* 1952

Muench,Jr.,Nils*1968 Watts, Jim M. 1984
Falcone, Paul 1989 Muliett,J.Greg 1986 Wehby, Daniel W. 1988
Farnsworth, Com. Ted* 1927
Weiss, James* 1966
Feldman, Michael J. 1969
Weitzmann, Jim* 1957
Ferry, Frank X 1981 Nadeau, Steve 1987
Welch, James 1978
Fick, Jr., Alvin D. 1981
Nadeau, Sam 1980
Welch, Michael 1983
Fisher, James L. 1989 Nadeau Sr., John 1972
Fisher, R. Gregory 1978
Nagel, Mark 1980
Wenzler, Peter J. 1979
Fitzsimons, Com. Chas* 1954 Nagel, Com. William* 1928
White, William A. 1984
Flaska, Kenneth 1974 Nedeau, Sr, John* 1950
White, Tom 1978
Fleck, Jack* 1945 Neesley, Bob* 1937
Whitehead, George* 1947
Fletcher, Allan 1967 Neesley, Jr., Robert 1955
Wiesen, Robert J. 1975
Flood, Kevin 1981 Niederer, Bruce 1983
Wiley, Earl* 1960
Fornal, Dennis 1979 Niederoest, Com. Robert J. 1968
Wilhelm, Fred P. 1970
Fortune, Peter* 1981 Noah, Bill* 1937
Wilhelm, Fred R. 1975
Francis, William 1978 Noakes, W.C. 1977
Williams, Thomas G. 1980
Fuchs, Com. Arnold* 1945 Nutter, Robert 1985
Williams, David H. 1975
Fuller, Dr. Hugh* 1950
Williamson, Perc* 1925
Fullerton, Alexander 1975
Wilson, Dr. Carlisle* 1945
  O'Connor, Donald J.* 1987 Wing, Harry 1982
Garczynski, Anthony J. 1989 Odendahl, Richard 1984
Wiss, Mark G. 1989
Gates II, James R. 1976 OGawa, Andrew S. 1972
Wittliff, John* 1979
Gatz, Jan A. 1985 O'Laughlin, Dugan* 1971
Witton, Frank 1958
Gay, William* 1965 Ongena, Christopher C. 1987
Wood, Jr., Robert B. 1969
Gennaro Jr., Anthony 1985 O'Niel III, Com. Phillip 1977
Worden, Claude 1974
Geraghty, Com Brian 1979 O'Niel Jr., Com. Philip* 1977
Wunsch, Com. Ed* 1935
Gerometta, James 1985 O'Rourke, William "Bill" 1985

Gerow, Fred* 1962 Orr, Jr., Robert B. 1972
Yackness, Irvin* 1954
Gerow, George* 1962 Oswald, Com. Lawrence 1972
Yackness, June* 1966
Gesell, Henry* 1951 Otenbaker, David 1982
Young, Steve* 1974
Gillespie, Allen 1965 Otrompke, Jack 1962
Youngblood, Thomas 1979
Gillespie, Jay 1980

Girardin, Com. Howard* 1939
Zanella, Michael R. 1983
Glance, Bradley M. 1991 Padilla, Daniel 1976
Zyskowski, Phil 1985
Gleason, Jr., Donald 1971 Palm, Edward B. 1957

Gmeiner, Com. Skip 1954 Palm, Justin D. 1982

Gmeiner, Doug* 1958 Papp, Diann A. 1992

Gmeiner, Com. Toot* 1940 Pappas, Com. John 1958

Goran, Michael 1978 Pappas, James 1984

Graham, Gary 1980 Patterson, Thomas 1981

Grant, Ed* 1969 Pearce, Kevin 1979

Gray, Cliff 1953
Pearson, Brian 1964

Greene, David S. 1966 Peseski, Vin 1972
Greening, Bruce C. 1976 Peseski, Michael J. 1979

Greening III, R.E. Lee 1980 Peseki, William M. 1980
Gregory, Robert 1975 Peters, Richard R. 1967
Grow, Com. Richard 1957 Petersen, Larry 1984
   Pettitt, Stuart 1970  
Hall, D.D.S., Gary 1975 Petzold, Thomas* 1930
Hands, David 1987 Pfaff, Pete O. 1977
Hanson, Com. Tom* 1947
Piku, Frank 1966
Haras, Lawrence G. 1982
Pinney Sr., Mark W. 1968
Harrison, Hugh "Bud"* 1973
Ploghoft, Milton E. 1946 
Harthorn, Don 1968 Pokorny, Dr. Paul* 1973  
Harthorn, Steven V. 1985 Popowich, Stanley 1975
Hartingh II, Jo Dan* 1972 Porte, Philip J. 1986
Hartwell, Kenneth Walker 1966 Pouliot, Reid Royce 1981
Harvey, John T. 1986 Pouliot, Russ* 1925
Hastings, Wayne 1984 Pratt, John F.* 1987
Hawkinson, Dr. Roy* 1969 Priebe, Com. Ray* 1933


Old Fort" Designation

The Bayview Yacht Club Straits of Mackinac Society is open to all individuals who have served on the Mackinac Race Committee for 15 years.
Without their untiring efforts, there would not be a
starting cannon or any race at all.

* Com. Stuart W. Argo *Frank J. Kerwin Lee Smith
Barbette Y. Balcirak Patti Kommel Patricia A. Smith
* Richard H. Bridge Mary Lynn Konechne Grant Stark
Mary Brieden Dean M. Koppin Marjorie Stark
Com. Ralph M. Burton Anne Lawson Mark Stark
Virginia Burton *Frank McBride *Com. Lynn G. Stedman Jr. 
Patricia Carollo Jere McBride Bill Stetson 
*Alee J. Chapman *Com. Fredrick B. McGregor Marion Stetson
Michael Ciaramitaro Carl T. Mowers *Com Joseph E. Tapert
John R. Colquhoun JoAnn Niederoest Michael J. Tapert
Denise Cotter Com. Rob Niederoest Ginnie Thackenberry
Mary Cunningham Dee Otenbaker Ed Theisen Jr.
Joseph Dallaire *Gerald K. Otenbaker *John Thompson
Com C. Jay Deeds Com. John Pappas Com. Michael A. Thompson
Marcia Everingham Michael Peash *Brad Tooman
Com. Ted Everingham Bradford S. Pyle Lois Trost
Bob Filiatrault Charles J. Reader Jr. Richard Ulrich
George E. Gerow Karen Rumptz Ed Weiler
Dave Gilbert Com. Tim Rumptz Com. John R. Werthmann
Sylvia Graham *Com. James Schudel Bob White
Com. Peter R. Griffin  *Lois Sheridan Com. William Wiard
*Bud Harrison *Robert C. Sheridan Don Wood
Ray Hickner Quentin B. Sickles  *Claude Worden
*Calvin Hughes Gerald Smigelski
Todd Hughes Betty Smith
*C. Ronald Johnston Dave Smith

Gordon W. Smith

Lightbody, James 1958
Mondry, Gene* 1957
Morlan, Andrew 1987
Nedeau, Sam 1980
Nedeau, Sam 1980