Long Distance Race 

September 19, 2020

It is impossible to look at the history of Bayview and not recognize the decades impacted so graciously by Kim Woodhouse.
Whether it was strolling the docks wishing everyone well, fetching a last-minute item that a boat needed, hopping on Capt. Frank's 
power boat to spend the day spectating the racing, patiently waiting for Frank McBride and Mary Brieden to return from a flyover of the Mac Fleet
or simply having a readily available hug for a sailor who needed it after a hard day, Kim was there.

Kim took her membership at BYC seriously and immersed herself in everything she could do to promote, publicize and enhance her Club.
But it was the sailing community at large where Kim was relentless in her dedication. Supportive to all crews and owners alike, Kim was ever-present
on the water, loyally supporting the sport she loved. She became an expert at logistics, event planning and team support. 

It is indeed fitting that Bayview Yacht Club dedicates the 2020 Long Distance Race in rememberance of our own Kim Woodhouse.


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