The Bayview Mackinac Hall of Fame Trophy


      The Bayview Mackinac Hall of Fame Trophy – aka the “Old Bear Trophy” was donated by the Bayer Family in honor of the first recipient:  Com. Charles M. Bayer.  The trophy is perpetual and will be awarded to select individuals in honor of their support, dedication, and outstanding contribution to the success and continuation of the Bayview Yacht Club Port Huron to Mackinac Race.  Nominees should have completed at least 10 BYC Mackinac Races, and brought honor to themselves and to the race.


     In the first four years, up to five people will be elected to be named on the trophy and inducted into the Mackinac Race Hall of Fame.  Then, beginning in 2019, only one person could be elected annually.


     The Deed of gift indicates that the Bayview Mackinac Old Goats Society will handle the nomination and election process for the “Old Bear Trophy”.  The selection committee will include Old Goat Committee Members, Grand Rams, and volunteers who will elect recipients each year.  The nomination period starts June 1st and ends the day before the Bayview Mackinac Race each year.  The selection committee will meet before August 20th to elect that year’s recipient(s). 


     If you would like to nominate someone (living or deceased) for this honor, please fill out the nomination form available at, and return it to the BYC office before the beginning of the race.




2014:   2015:
 Com. Charles M. Bayer  

Henry Burkard
Frank P. McBride Jr. 
Russel Pouliot
Robert K. Roadstrum
Joseph E. "Mike" Tapert, D.D.S.
Howard "Chief" Boston 
Maury Declercq
Edwin "Llwyd" Ecclestone Jr. 
Wifred "Toot" D. Gmeiner 
Clare Stephen Jacobs